My house was not an easy sell, I had a realtor that wanted to charge 6% and spend thousands of dollars of my money on work just to sell it. I faced the possibility of losing money. Then Lee came along, Lee and his staff not only did the sale for less, and made me a profit, but they guided me the whole way.

Working in San Francisco while selling my house in Florida was easy, thanks to The GCI Guys. They got it done fast, and professionally. There’s no doubt that if you need to buy a home or sell one in the Central Florida area, The GCI Guys are flat out the best, both both economically, and professionally.

Scott Rates – Longwood, FL

I first crossed paths with Lee Goldberg a little over two years ago when I saw an open house GCI Guys sign on my neighbors house in Summerport subdivision in Windermere. I stopped over since I was close to putting my house up for sale. Over the years I have had quite a few bad experiences with realtors and had just come off a bad experience with the realtor I used in purchase of current home a year earlier. I was looking for a new realtor, Lee had me at hello! What a personable, knowledgeable and most important the most honest and ethical guy I have ever done business with in real estate. Lee put my house on the market and got me a buyer in contract, near asking price within 30 days!

The service provided by Lee and the GCI Guys far exceeded my expectations or past experiences with realtors. Lee and I still laugh at one particular horror story I told him about. Lee is a rare breed in business today, great work ethic and honest to the core. I consider Lee today to be a friend having had such an enjoyable experience working with Lee, not to mention he gave me 1% back at closing. Really, money back in my pocket that is rightfully GCI Guys money…who does that? Only Lee and Gary do! So I just couldn’t wait for an opportunity to refer a friend or neighbor to Lee to pay him back for his generosity! Within a few weeks I got that chance to refer a friend of 30 years to Lee.

My buddy was moving from New York to Winter Garden, he’s a retired NYC Police Officer and a tough guy to please. Not only was he thrilled with Lee getting him into a beautiful home in Summerlake, he was blown away that Lee gave him money back at closing. We both now automatically refer anyone we know looking to buy or sell a home to The GCI Guys. Lee and Gary may be realtors by trade but in reality they are in the business of building relationships with clients by treating them so well.

In the past I couldn’t wait to get away from my realtors having been burned a few times but Reno and I both now consider Lee to be a friend today after working with him, how cool is that!

Raymond Bennett – Windermere, FL

From our first meeting to the day we closed, working with Lee was an absolute pleasure. Lee worked with us tirelessly for nine months until we found the perfect home for our family. He has all the qualities that a good realtor should have. He’s extremely knowledgeable, he listens to your needs, he’s highly professional, and he genuinely cares about his customers and finding them a home that is not only a good fit, but makes them happy.

We had gone through several realtors before finding Lee, and he stands high above the rest. What I most appreciated about him is that he would always respond to emails and calls within a short amount of time. We’ve found that to be very rare amongst most realtors. In addition, he was always accommodating to our schedules when showing us houses. Lee is the best out there! When working with him you feel like someone has your best interests in mind. You don’t feel alone through the home buying process. We were so lucky to have found him!

Monica & Nick Isgar – Davenport, FL

I highly recommend working with Lee Goldberg and the GCI Guys if you plan on selling your home in Forest Edge Community. Choosing the GCI Guys was the best possible choice I could have made to sell my home. Three days after putting up a For Sale sign and even before an open house could be scheduled, I had a firm offer for my full selling price.

Lee exceeded my expectations for quick responses and quick results. He led me through each step of the process right up to explaining the closing report and final formalities. I couldn’t believe how easy Lee made this entire process for me.

Kevin Freer – Altamonte Springs, FL

I had the pleasure of working with The GCI guys and I have to say the experience was awesome! Anytime I called, text, or emailed their response time was excellent and anytime I wanted to view a property they were right on it! They helped me find the perfect place to buy and I am very thankful. Highly recommend!!

Paige W. – Winter Garden

Lee helped my husband and I purchase our first home. We stumbled upon him through a mortgage service, and are so thankful that we did! Lee responded quickly to every email, text, and phone call and fought for us and what we wanted with the seller/seller agent, title company, whatever the case may be. He was knowledgeable about the home and area despite not primarily working in that particular city, and it was comforting to know he did his research before meeting us.

I’ve watched other friends purchase homes with different realtors, and their frustration was amazing to observe. Never once were we frustrated with Lee, and I’m thankful we can say that. I’ve heard other people say that buying a house is an awful necessity because realtors are awful, and I have not found that to be our experience. If you’re looking for someone who can make the process easy, Lee is your realtor. You will not be disappointed if you choose him.

Rebecca O. – Deltona, FL

No offense to other realtors but to me they are a dime a dozen in Orlando. I would have no problem arguing this opinion until I met The GCI Guys (Lee Goldberg and Gary Cohl). What was an easy deal to sell my home and move just 4 miles down the road fell apart when I lost my job. Instead of moving on to another deal the GCI Guys went from realtors to friends. Gary helped my wife find two tenants for our rental properties and didn’t charge what would have been a $2,000 fee. Lee truly did answer every text, call, and e-mail within minutes.

Not only did he bend over backwards to keep both deals alive but he even allowed us to use their U-Haul truck. As if that wasn’t enough he played mover and helped move a washer and dryer.
The GCI Guys truly know buying\selling a house can be very stressful and treat their clients accordingly. Find another realtor that will offer to give up 1% of their commission on every deal and also move an appliance if you need an extra hand. Not only would I recommend them to friends I would think one crazy to go with anyone else.

Thank you to Lee and Gary, not just great realtors but good new friends.

Gary and Olivia Vix – Winter Garden, FL

I was introduced to Lee through a friend of mine that lives in Florida because I was looking to move from NY to Florida. I was looking to purchase a new construction home in a subdivision that was brand new. I choose a lot where I wanted my home to be built and was told by the builder that the lots were not yet available to be developed. Basically being given the runaround. Lee stepped up to plate for me and went head to head with the builders. Thanks to Lee’s aggressiveness for me, I was able to have the lot I wanted not some lot the builder wanted to unload.

The GCI guys are true to there word and will fight for u and won’t back down. The best part was being able to get cash back on my home purchase from Lee. There are not many agents out there that will do that for their clients. I trust Lee and the aggressiveness he shows when he is working for you. You won’t be disappointed with him, he actually answers his phone any time of day when you call him. I highly recommend Lee to new Clients.

Renal B – Winter Garden, FL